Two office buildings in the financial center of Lima, Perú

Find out how to safely acquire a property in the best commercial and business area of Lima.

San Isidro (Lima, Perú) is the place to be if your in Peru on business. The HQ offices of a good number of local and international businesses, from mines to banks, are located in San Isidro. Great restaurants (breakfast, lunch, dinner), malls, and a wide selection of hotels.

Many of the Embassy's are located there along with wonderful homes, parks and gardens.

Mantyobras, a Real estate company, sell two office buildings in San Isidro district, the main financial center of the city of Lima and for that reason, also of Peru.

1. Canaval y Moreyra Avenue
Two floors, 7095 square foots (total size), 3019 square foots (lot size), 8 parking spaces.

2. Javier Prado Avenue
Three floors, 22630 square foots (total size), 11701 square foots (lot size), 20 parking spaces outside of building.

These buildings can be remodeled with little investment.

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